OC Biz Blog is a small business marketing blog run by Steve Averill that provides it’s readers spotlights on local success and failures in the business world, case studies in digital marketing, as well as his own thoughts and experiences navigating the crowded business space in Orange County.

The Problem: When Steve launched OC Biz Blog, he wanted a strong visual anchor representing “OC” to develop his brand around and something that felt like it fit within his world (at the time) working in the print publication world. This logo needed to work well as the featured image of his website’s header, but also wanted it to be scalable to fit stationary and more.

The Solution: An iconic “O” that very clear represents the city and a strong nod to Orange County (more like an direct point to be honest) and slab-serifed font that gave the brand an updated take on the newsprint/publication feel. This logo won an Honorable Mention Hermes award in 2008.