Client: Vogue Salon

Vogue Salon is a high-end hair salon with 2 locations in Orange County specializing in men’s and women’s hair, as well as make-up and various spa services. They pride themselves on the training and continued education all of their stylists go through on a regular basis to ensure that they are on the cutting (pun most definitely intended) edge of the fashion trends.

The Problem: The Vogue Salon team were getting set to open their second location in Laguna Beach and they were in need of a graphic solution on their 4 panel glass frontage. The entrance was a bit obscured and at an awkward size, but with all that frontage they wanted to really make something stand out.

The Solution: The Vogue Salon team were great to work with and they loved the less is more approach to their store front. The image is one that was used throughout their brand from printed collateral to their social pages and they’ve received numerous comments about how striking the image is. Additionally, the panels stack from right to left which leave the last panel on top, appropriately displaying store information when they are open for business. This piece won a platinum level Hermes award for design and remains one of my favorite projects to have worked with them on.