Client: Shiny Squirrel
Project: Brand Identity

Shiny Squirrel is a full-service marketing company located in Newport Beach, CA that works with small and medium-sized businesses to provide affordable marketing solutions ranging from print/web design to social media strategy.

The Problem: The name “Shiny Squirrel” started as an internal joke after seeing a squirrel wearing a suit of armor, so the SSQ team wanted it to have that same personality. Overall guidance favored modern type with vintage appeal, but they wanted their identity to be scalable on all formats as well as a developed icon set beyond just the logomark.

The Solution: After several rounds of ideation through moodboards, sketches, and font choices, I was able to provide the team with a versatile and memorable identity that included the logo-mark as well as two icons that played towards the name (the golden squirrel and the acorn) that could be used as favicons, social media avatars, and design elements.