She’s Cookin’ from the heart brings you simple + seasonal, heart-healthy, low sodium recipes and a delicious panoply of stories for the food enthusiast, including restaurant reviews, farm tours, cocktail capers, and culinary travel both near and far. Priscilla Willis, the author and chief creative behind She’s Cookin’, has been interested in health and nutrition since her teens and holds a teaching certification in Family & Consumer Sciences. Her focus on heart healthy, low sodium recipes is driven by her husband’s fourteen year struggle with heart disease.

The Problem: Priscilla wanted a logo that conveyed the main aspect of her blog which was promoting heart healthy recipes. She wanted a logo that felt fresh, conveyed the sense of life and growth and wanted the logo to have a strong, iconic feel.

The Solution: The resulting logo gave the ShesCookin brand a strong visual identity that blended the heart healthy theme of her site with the fresh, organic cooking aspect. The logo has sense been updated to reflect an additional theme of the site which focuses on travel. You can see this element carried through the website’s header shown below.