Client: Chunk N Chip
Project: Promotional Flyer

Chunk-N-Chip is a family-owned business that creates smiles & seasonal Craft Ice Cream Sammiches®: oven-warmed, ooey-gooey cookies served with honest-to-good ice cream featuring fresh, simple, premium ingredients (locally sourced when possible).

The Problem: Claudia and the Chunk N Chip team were looking for a way to promote their eating challenge on their food truck called “Tang’s Tower” named after one of their regulars who first put this beast together. The request was to create a letter-sized flyer that featured a fun, vintage feel, and a graphic of the Tower, along with the necessary information about the challenge.

The Solution: The resulting flyer featured a minimalist graphic of the tower, which had a fun, modern-vintage vibe, which looked good as a flyer or printed as a large poster and displayed on the truck or at an event.