Client: Bonfire
Project: Listings Flyer & Poster

Bonfire is an online marketing agency that worked with small and medium-sized businesses by developing simple, turn-key website solutions that would then be published to over a hundred different listing websites, both locally and nationally, to help get them found by potential customers searching for their services online.

The Problem: The team was having was in describing their services, specifically the listing services, to new clients. The number of publishing websites was proving difficult to communicate (i.e. information overload) and they wanted to develop a visual that they could provide potential customers to quickly communicate the number of various listing sites they would be working with.

The Solution: A large-format poster which showcased the logos of all of the listing sites that was printed and included in the on-boarding welcome kit that all new clients received. This piece was so effective that they included smaller versions of this in presentations and even printed as an in-house collateral piece hung in the lobby.