Client: ATX

ATX is a physical therapy company run created by Elizabeth Logue, a long-time physical therapist who believed in incorporating various elements of yoga, meditation, prayer, and focused breathing into her physical therapy practice. Her goal was to create a program that provided a low-impact, highly-focused routine to stimulate blood flow and increase range of motion.

The Problem: Elizabeth and the ATX team needed an identity for ATX but didn’t know where to begin. She communicated that it was important to her to have a modern feeling logo (no serifed “old” fonts), that the logo conveyed movement and energy, and that purple and yellow were the colors she’d like to use.

The Solution: After some initial conversations and mood boarding with Elizabeth and a few rounds of iterations, I settled on a minimal typeface and a stylized “X” that moved the viewer forward and had an upwards hilt which was reached after determining that ATX was not only meant to rehabilitate but to lift ones-self up through positivity.