So Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo announced some new changes to the Twitter platform that will help plug some leaks in Twitter’s user-retention by providing more value for it’s users and helping new users find reasons to stick around during that awkward 0 followers phase.

Instant Timeline

The introduction of Instant Timeline changes what people see from day one when they sign up with Twitter. It will give the new users an easy way to follow the accounts most relevant to them and start seeing messages right away, rather than facing a silent wall.

This is actually a pretty solid feature that I’m all for. Twitter can be a pretty intimidating place for new users with it’s own rhythm, language and rules. It’s hard enough to figure out what a damn hashtag is, trying to find people to follow that are relevant to you can be even more difficult.

While You Were Gone

Twitter will now show users the most popular messages they missed when they were gone from the site with highlights from their timelines. With Twitter there has always been the risk that you won’t see a message you might enjoy just because you weren’t watching at just the right moment. Now, Twitter will do some curating to catch you up on what you missed, not unlike how Facebook manages your News Feed with the posts it thinks you’d most enjoy.

Another solid update in my opinion for the platform. Twitter is a firehose of information and unless you’re sitting in front of your screen, you’re going to miss a whole bunch of tweets which can lead to some serious FOMO. Being able to see a recap will be great but let’s not sing any major praises yet. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion these recaps are going to be pretty heavily branded.

Because Video

Video is an all-important area for all social media, and Twitter has its Vine app for users to film six-second clips. However, Twitter is building video capabilities right into its main app for people to tweet footage, and brands are increasingly using video in their Twitter messages.

Video capabilities right into the platform? I’m all about this. Sure this means that you’ll most definitely have to start using Twitter’s native platform to tweet just like you have to do when posting images, but if we’re talking watching actual video from your Twitter stream I’m all for it.

More Obnoxious Celebrity Fans

Celebrity is one of Twitter’s main draws, and 200 million fans go to Twitter to see a star’s profile but they don’t actually stick around. Twitter is tweaking celebrity pages now, and it will start pointing these visitors to other high-profile accounts in an attempt to get the fly-by users to stick around and maybe even sign up.

I’m not super into this from a personal standpoint, but from a business and growth standpoint it’s right on the money. Unfortunately, the internet and Twitter are already loaded with the asinine tweets of fangirls/fanboys, tweens and lurkers and this could just bring more noise to an already crowded party. Thank gawd for lists though, AMIRIGHT?

What are your thoughts about Twitter’s new update? How much time do you typically spend on the platform and how have your Tweeting habits changed over time?

Catch the full article via Adweek here.